The Little Difference

You clean up your stuff I ours You eat when you’re hungry I ask if we want to eat You watch what interests you I ask if it interests you too You follow your interests I do, too [Text by Marion Schneider]

Eva talks to Adam

For millennia, now, you have loved things more than humans You own vehicles, houses, fields and forests weapons and tools that belong to you and which you use to maintain your power. Your honor is placed above mine You love yourself more than me You … weiterlesen

My Philosophy

Every day could be your last Live this way Every day could be the last for the others Act this way No day to repeat No one to replace With death it’s too late No one to forgive then No-thing can console – then. [Text … weiterlesen


I still believed That I could change history Because it is hurting so much Mighty, powerful was my rage over your past which made me Small and helpless Hard-hearted, angry But I still love you and want to accept you the way you are Thus … weiterlesen