Orgasm now available in German language

Linda Troeller’s and Marion Schneider’s “Orgasm: Photographs and Interviews” is now available in German language, entitled “Orgasmus: Interviews und Fotografien”. The German publisher Konkursbuch Verlag Claudia Gehrke created a carefully translated work of art that captures the original’s soul in a natural manner. The book … weiterlesen

My new show on Salve.TV-Weltkanal

The local TV broadcasting station Salve.TV has broadened its vision and established a Weltkanal (world channel). Under the patronage of Dagmar Berghoff, whom many of us remember as ARD news anchor, the new channel ascended into the heaven in front of the old-established Resident Café … weiterlesen

The Earth

What if the earth is like our body? What if the water is her blood, the oil the lymphatic system, the minerals her brain? We take this from her and take it for granted. Her precious liquids such as oil are replaced by water, and … weiterlesen


          Tuesday evening 09/29/2015 we had our presentation in the Museum of Sex in NYC. The team of the Museum told us that it was an unusually high turnout. Thank you, dear Linda! You worked so hard for this to happen and we … weiterlesen