Family constellation work

One of the fundamental notions of family constellation therapy work is that
humans are born and raised within the family group and that one’s sense of
belonging to the group manifests itself in one’s actions. The actions which
support the group are considered to be actions of good conscience; those which
contradict the values of the group are considered to be wrong and are seen as
bad conscience. When people feel excluded from a group because they have
acted against their principles then this is viewed as a just reaction.
Family constellation work has shown that the exclusion of a group member
inevitably leads to another group member adopting the position of the expelled.
Family constellation therapy aims to make the client aware of reality from
an external point of view. It is the therapist’s role to establish a
constellation in which the energy of the real situation can be experienced. The
therapist steers the process in order to help the client’s awareness without
leaving the realm of reality.
The Family constellation work has become widespread among many thousands of
therapists in Germany as well as in the USA and other countries. Its most
celebrated practitioner is Bert Hellinger and a number of books have been
published in German and English.