This is Love

Where faith persists though there is no reason Where hope returns without an effort Where in greatest trouble ideas are aflame Where deepest pain does not make you flee there is love When your ego screams and yet you stay when your own strong urge … weiterlesen


Oh, I wish to die. Something is dying in me. Oh, could I only die, because I am murdering. Killing you in me, needing to be free, and loving you. [Text by Marion Schneider]

Wonders of Life

I remember the times when I planned and wished I was striving That was good Exhausting but good Impossible today Too many loves Too many unknowns Too much experience Now I entrust myself to life and it is wonderful [Text by Marion Schneider]

Tormented Love

I. You have closed your heart almost every day You let me wait and I cannot reach you Your lips stay closed Do you still trust me? You don’t give me answers Can I still confide? I sink to the ground you don’t reach your … weiterlesen