Trancedance is a moving meditation, a dance with your subconscious. As your body settles into the rhythm of the music, chaotic thoughts begin to harmonize. Wearing the blindfold directs your attention inwards. As you dance, step by step, you ask your conscious mind to relinquish control. Then the inner visions and inner voices of your subconscious mind can reveal themselves. You enter the dialogue of dance.
Begin the dance by putting forward a question to which you are seeking an answer, or setting a goal you’d like to reach. Then follow where the dance leads you, opening yourself to your unconscious—its voices, images, scents, films, scenes, cries, landscapes, passions, memories, loved ones and deceased. The movements of the body continuously deepen the process, allowing memories and dreams to unfold.
While the body dances, your mind is at it’s most calm and attentive. At this level of consciousness you can also contact the animal and plant worlds and the most elementary spheres of the universe. Trancedance is a unique means of communicating with the most basic aspects of creation and of experiencing levels of consciousness you usually cannot access.
Let’s dance!