Photo by Nona Böhm

Marriage is a relationship put into order
regulated by morals and the state
It is so easy to settle down in regulations
just as the millions do

If I’m to be honest, then I must tell you
I, too, have dreamt often of marriage
Not only of my white bridal gown
But also of the life that would enfold me securely

I would love to live all of my love
because of the deep understanding
Gained in those common years
Of overcoming what separates us

But does this mean that I can live only one love
throughout my whole life?
This exclusiveness it is almost impossible
is like a black magic spell

Does that mean that all the others
are only supplementary?
If I care for my one lover
Do I not have the time for another?

This life of two seems like force
imposed upon oneself, day by day
I have to close my heart, my eyes
when a dear person is offering kisses

Must I really make this sacrifice
Only seeing beauty as beauty
But not living beauty
if we cannot do it together?

Now, what is morality and what is reality?
What is inhibition, and what is genuine humanity?

[Text by Marion Schneider]