Romanticism – The enemy within us

Photo by Linda Troeller

The burning desire
to belong
leads us to hurt those
who we believe
do not belong

Unrooted, alone and homeless
we hang onto the arms
of the so-called like-minded

The image they have
of a common enemy
bonds them together.
Without an enemy
they are nothing

Poor in possessions and spirit
but not wanting to be,
because it is easier
to give others the blame
than to work
on oneself
or at all

Everyday dutiesresponsibility
the strains of constructing
the danger of failing

All this is quicklyevaded
with romantic words
with hatred
and fury

With feelings
and deeds
of destruction

is a dangerous drug
because it shies reality

The ideology
of selfish and self-important dwarfs

[Text by Marion Schneider]