Going my way to Weimar

Wendy Waller, opera singer and Weimar lover, moved to the city of poets and musicians in 2001. Since then she lives there. For her coming to Weimar was of special importance. Not only was it an essential step in the start of her career – … weiterlesen

My new show on Salve.TV-Weltkanal

The local TV broadcasting station Salve.TV has broadened its vision and established a Weltkanal (world channel). Under the patronage of Dagmar Berghoff, whom many of us remember as ARD news anchor, the new channel ascended into the heaven in front of the old-established Resident Café … weiterlesen

Beautiful Saxon Switzerland – learn more here

The Saxon Switzerland between Dresden and Prague is one of nature’s sacred places of the world. Share our experience of its natural beauty during the visit with Marion. Here goes to de video on Salve.TV   [Photo: pixabay.com]