Going my way to Weimar

Wendy Waller, opera singer and Weimar lover, moved to the city of poets and musicians in 2001. Since then she lives there. For her coming to Weimar was of special importance. Not only was it an essential step in the start of her career – it was a new place where there is much to discover. She tells us why Weimar is worth coming here and what her reasons were. It was an almost mystical experience for her, something like Christmas when she stepped into the station forecourt in Weimar. In this episode, she will tell us what it’s like to live in Weimar, what to see, what special features the city has to offer, and her own personal three-dimensional impressions of it – as an opera singer, as a woman and as a human being.

Here is the link to the movie.

[article and photo: http://www.salve.tv]