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Adam and Eve chose knowledge and thereby the path of reaching God by becoming godlike. They thus left paradise, the oneness with God and with nature.
Knowledge separates those who know from that which is known. Knowledge is separation, separation is knowledge. The long path to comprehensive knowledge always leads through ever new separations without number.
Separation is pain. The painful road to knowledge has thus always been accompanied by the longing for unity, for fusion. Sometimes the desire was so strong that it was attempted to fulfill it by force – always unsuccessfully. How can growth be forced?
We can dream of unity, yearn for fusion – that is a beginning. Action starts with a thought, a plan. The real act, however, it begins in a dream, in the merging of intellect and feeling, in the anticipation of a portion of life while living for life.
The dream
of undestroyed nature
of painless unity
of paradise
creates happiness
and thereby
brings us closer to paradise
Today, as our knowledge has permeated nearly everything around us, the single parts can find back to one another. We have put more than just black and white, plus and minus, more self than color into knowledge and practical life. Today, we have opened the portals to the realm of multidimensionality[ – but have not yet entered the new century].
If the monotheists, in their despair over losing their power, with their end in sight, do not succeed in taking everyone with them to their death – and they do not want do this because they die gladly, but because they would rather see others die than their conception of the world – if we could understand how to take the power to judge over life and death out of the hands of the monotheists -, then the world would by all means be able to experience the divine melting, permeation, the unity of paradise.
The web of life. Nothing exists without the other. The knowledge of the indigenous is disclosed to us today on the highest level. What else does it tell us but to work together, not against one another? To cooperate in the search of solutions; moreover: to solve our problems together; moreover: to live, to love, to work together?
Then love is the highest possible value, automatically, because love is bonding.
On a new level. For everybody is alone, separated, full of suffering, looking death in the eye.
Everybody is grown up.
That is the basis of divine fusion – permanently facing death, finiteness, consciousness of separation.
And this separates us from God, the infinite that receives and enfolds us all. The end of day and night, above and below, light and heavy. That is paradise.

[Text by Marion Schneider]