Misuse of Power

Unhinging the World How terriblewhen the powerful break the law,unhinging the world,spreading fear and terroras laws no longer apply. How dangerouswhen the powerful believethat the law can be brokenthusdevaluing law. How unspeakablewhen the powerful orderlaws to be broken,transforming othersinto lawbreakers beyond redemption. How subversivewhen the … weiterlesen


When do I want to die? When my feeling of life seems unbearable. When do I kill myself? When life is more painful than killing. When can I kill others? When I close my heart. When do I close my heart? When the pain is … weiterlesen


No country in the world is more diverse than India. Twenty languages ​​are recognized as official, with Hindi as the national language and English a widely used language. Most Indians speak three languages: their mother tongue, Hindi and English. Many educated Indians speak four or … weiterlesen

My Visit to Iran

            2,500 Kilometers in twelve days was quite a trip to make. The route: Shiraz – Kerman – Yazd – Isfahan – Kashan – Teheran. As I have already traveled to many countries, I considered myself to be open-minded for this journey. I felt all … weiterlesen