April, 2003 This is my third day in Sicily. You feel at home immediately because the people here know what hospitality is. Hospitality – the effort to understand others, even people who speak another language – is a part of everyday life here. The landscape … read more


February, 2009 ABU DHABI 16.20 pm 15.00 Abu Dhabi International Airport Terminal 1 Departure Gate No. 4 Etihad Premium Counter Pakistan City of MERB, one of the highest centres of Islamic learning – only Buchara left. 1 Mio. people were killed by Genghis Khan. Mohammed … read more


It is not so easy to visit Kaliningrad. First, you have to get a visa, which usually takes two weeks. You cannot spontaneously decide to go there. To reach Kaliningrad from Germany, you go through Poland. If you wish, you can take this journey from … read more

Born to learn

We are born to learn. Inhaling life teaches understanding, and exhaling life is the lesson. This giving and taking is the foundation of world peace. Those who receive freedom or take the liberty of excluding themselves from this process are warriors. They should always be … read more


What a surprise to see the little airport of Montevideo with its two runways after the huge dimensions of Brazil! How wonderful to be picked up by my warm-hearted old friend Pablo at the gate! I was his guest for the one full day that … read more