What a surprise to see the little airport of Montevideo with its two runways after the huge dimensions of Brazil! How wonderful to be picked up by my warm-hearted old friend Pablo at the gate! I was his guest for the one full day that … weiterlesen


My dear Jocelyne! It is not only a pleasure to write to you today because I feel ill. I have been in Tenerife, Canary Islands, for one week, studying the social systems and especially rehabilitation for patients in wheel chairs. It was interesting. The weather … weiterlesen

San Francisco

When I took my first glance at San Francisco coming by car from the airport, I couldn’t believe it. This is supposed to be San Francisco? It looked much smaller than I had imagined – more like a town than a city. The houses themselves … weiterlesen


Poland surprises me every time. When I visited Poland in 1985, I saw a country with empty grocery stores and restaurants with very short menus. I was forced to exchange a great deal of money, and the taxi driver asked for nearly all of it … weiterlesen


If you want to see what a multicultural society means in everyday life, visit Marrakech. Here, a sense of tolerance and brother- and sisterhood between different groups and races and even visitors to the country has developed which is both convincing and smashing. I have … weiterlesen