Schools as Sacred Spaces

There was a time where there was a Healing House in village life. The Healing House was a school, a church, and a hospital. One went there to be healed and taught, and to pray there. In those days, language was relational and experiential, and … weiterlesen

Politics for Health and Happiness

Economic stability is an elementary prerequisite for personal happiness, for ourselves as individuals as well as for ourselves as a nation. The forces which have helped form our economic wealth have not been given due recognition. Successful politics are based upon successful economic policy. The … weiterlesen


Trancedance is a moving meditation, a dance with your subconscious. As your body settles into the rhythm of the music, chaotic thoughts begin to harmonize. Wearing the blindfold directs your attention inwards. As you dance, step by step, you ask your conscious mind to relinquish … weiterlesen

Family constellation work

One of the fundamental notions of family constellation therapy work is that humans are born and raised within the family group and that one’s sense of belonging to the group manifests itself in one’s actions. The actions which support the group are considered to be … weiterlesen