Love in Coldness

Photo from Pixabay

On my way to see you again
My heart was thumping
Warming my blood
Heating my body
Quick – faster and faster

But I did not run into your arms
I was resisting my strong impulses
Suppressing my mind
Mastering my body
Thorough – better and better

When I finally met you again
The sight of you turned me into a sun
I was happy
Became light
Freer and freer

But I was not trying to warm you up
To retain this state together with you
Restless spirit
Renouncing body
faster and faster

When I took you into my arms
was this fulfilment of all my desires
seconds became
Time stood still
The happy ending

But I did not try to reach out to you
To retain this state, together
carry it forward

I came straight to the point

The unhappy ending

[Text by Marion Schneider]