Every single human being has a mother and a father. This is something that connects all of us to each other – as well as the fact that all humans come from one single source, if we follow the generations back to the origins of human existence.

Every single human being is unique, even when two people have the same parents. As unique as the individual human being is the family and the upbringing of each one of us, not to mention our individual experience throughout our lives. The role and the importance of the family is also very different for each one of us. Nevertheless, there are certain wishes which are common to us all:

  • we want to know who our mother and father are – in order to understand ourselves, because they are a part of us – so every child and every adult has the right to know this
  • we want to know about our grandparents and our heritage, about the culture/s from which we come
  • we prefer to have a good relationship with our family. This supports our well-being.
  • we prefer to be supported by the social network of a family, and look for a surrogate if our own family cannot give it to us
  • we want to be the pride of our family, and especially of our parents if possible – and to be loved and cared for by them
  • we want to take care of our parents and our family if possible, because we feel an obligation to accept responsibility.

The history of the individual family can disturb and even shatter this relationship. Notwithstanding, this human desire and need is alive in all of us, and will not die until we do.