All Borders Are Lies

Photo by Pixabay

There was a time in Germany
when German language was blooming
in noble spirit and quest for truth.

Then wars were started
and even won
and new ones invented.

Thus the time came
when the books were burning
in flames of denunciation.

Objection was locked up
resistance was murdered
grace was condemned
reason befuddled
humans hunted.

There was a time in Germany
when synagogues were blooming
in reverence and harmony.

Then truth was twisted
people deceived
and deprived of god.

Thus the time came
when synagogues burnt
in flames of hate.

There is still a Germany
with a few synagogues.
There are still jews
with less hope.
There is still love for humans
love of god
love of truth.
There is still hate of jews
hate of god
hate of truth.

Now we have a Germany
with a few synagogues
now we have a world
with countless books
now we have a mankind
putting two and two together
books and synagogues
and thus understanding more of the world.
All borders are lies.

[Text by Marion Schneider]