The Earth


What if the earth is like our body? What if the water is her blood, the oil the lymphatic system, the minerals her brain? We take this from her and take it for granted. Her precious liquids such as oil are replaced by water, and we assume that this has no effect on her health. We press toxic gas into her and bury our waste under her skin.

What if the outbrake of a volcano is like the bleeding of our nose? What if our heat is her heat? What if we are connected? What if the actions we undertake with our bodies have direct effects on her body?

If we want to calm her down, then, we could stroke her. And if we want to please her, we could give her a massage. We could seek out her meridians – probably the sacred places of the earth – and imbue her with spiritual healing. Let us find these places, and let us begin to have compassion – with our bodies and with Mother Earth.


[Photo: Linda Troeller,]