Fake or True

It seems so attractive to show off gigantic profits. It should be an obligation, however, to provide information about the social and environmental circumstances which were created to generate them. Moreover, there needs to be – in addition to the profit reports – social and environmental reports connected with them as an obligation. Striving for the highest possible profits leads us straight into the abyss. Caring for the earth, the air, the water, the animals, and the people has to be combined with it. If we impose social and ecological responsibility onto the economy, we also will bring forth new leaders, who will think differently than they do now, and who will also pay more attention to the politics of the nations. At present, blind striving for profit immensely affects politics, creating an atmosphere of greed and war. Profit at all costs is what is still culturally accepted and honoured. It should, however, be negatively sanctioned if a company pollutes water, tears down trees, and kills or harms people out of obsession with profit. In order to get a step closer to this new policy, responsible leaders of profit-oriented companies of all industries should start to set standards to which they comply, and develop standards which can be applied to their fellow businesses in their industries. Most important are those businesses which affect the most lives and the most resources of earth, water, and air. Let us create a different economical and political climate of care, respect, and love for health and happiness.