Going my way to Weimar

Wendy Waller, opera singer and Weimar lover, moved to the city of poets and musicians in 2001. Since then she lives there. For her coming to Weimar was of special importance. Not only was it an essential step in the start of her career – … weiterlesen

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Marion Schneider. Photograph(s) by Linda Troeller (www.lindatroeller.com)

Since 1983, Marion Schneider has been active in the healthcare industry, focusing mainly on human health and how it can be influenced by therapy. The effects of water, warmth, light, architecture, as well as of art and music on the healing process is at the … weiterlesen


No country in the world is more diverse than India. Twenty languages ​​are recognized as official, with Hindi as the national language and English a widely used language. Most Indians speak three languages: their mother tongue, Hindi and English. Many educated Indians speak four or … weiterlesen


Home is where one is loved. [Photo: pixabay.com]