Tormented Love

I. You have closed your heart almost every day You let me wait and I cannot reach you Your lips stay closed Do you still trust me? You don’t give me answers Can I still confide? I sink to the ground you don’t reach your … weiterlesen

German Nature

Spring was alluringly smelling it was middle of January hope was arising in people that winter was over During those sunny hours Joy was filling the hearts and the eyes and the mouths of the people gloom was forgotten Overnight, winter returned With all its … weiterlesen


I need silence to listen to you Silence With you I need calmness to look at you Calmness With you I need care so that I can be tasted Care from you I feel desire to let myself go aimless towards you I feel the … weiterlesen

On Myself

I never had a chance to act the way I wanted to Because I always acted the way I thought I should do [Text by Marion Schneider]