To the Female Victims of Male Domination

Photo from Pixabay

You are afraid to be true to yourself
to say what you want
confess who you are

Because of the fear that you might be disliked
that you might be punished
that you might be harmed
if you should say, “I want, I need”
if you even should dare to say “NO”

You are your own best murderess

Your actions are led
by what you believe others want
what morals and customs prescribe
mixed up with norms you have put together

Can you really know
What others want from you?
And are their wishes justified?

What makes you believe
that the rules you obey
are correct?

Instead of looking for pleasure
you are raping yourself

Your ego spills in self-sacrifice
imposing convulsions
creating victims

And what you do to your lover?
Instead of fighting for yourself
And side by side if this is demanded
you project your self
and you call this “love”

Transforming your strength into weakness
and making it a norm

Love is at its end
where it should have begun
for whoever has not learned to say “I”
cannot reach “WE”

Then children will come
What possibilities!

Oh, this endless rape!
Oh, you smiling murderess!

[Text by Marion Schneider]