May 23rd, 1996 My dear Jocelyne! It was such a long time ago that you inspired me to write down my experiences in foreign countries, and I have been trying to do it ever since. Nonetheless, it is only now that I really can see … weiterlesen


12/2011 – 01/2012 Visiting Cuba means visiting a challenge. You will have to question yourself about the value of safety, security, and social harmony on the one hand hand, together with good health care, good education, and the absence of starvation and extreme poverty, compared … weiterlesen

Hong Kong

January 6th, 1997 My dear Jocelyne! Klaus and I were invited to Hong Kong and Bali for New Year’s Eve and the first half of January as a birthday present. We stayed in Hong Kong from December 29 until today. It is winter in Hong … weiterlesen

Dear Americans!

In your country it is permitted to lie, and it is difficult to stop a liar because this is supposed to be freedom of speech. As a German historian, I assure you that nothing is more dangerous for a democracy than permission to lie unpunished. … weiterlesen