Dear Americans!

In your country it is permitted to lie, and it is difficult to stop a liar because this is supposed to be freedom of speech. As a German historian, I assure you that nothing is more dangerous for a democracy than permission to lie unpunished. Think of Hitler. It is necessary to put a stop to this!

Also, you need to be able to sue the Goverment if it is commits or covers up illegal activities. You need to change the law accordingly.

Finally, you need to start a discussion about the values of democracy. It is not permissible that most of those who are rich stay focused only on themselves. The rich need to share their wealth with the poor, and there they have to be a socially and morally pressured to do so. For this purpose, reasonable rich people need to talk with those who are stubborn to help them change their minds. We do not need to repeat history: just learn from the history of Germany. Hitler rose to power because too many rich and powerful people did not want to give up their unjust privileges.

And the poor and middle-class, the intellectuals and the artists, the lovers of democracy need to join forces, to develop respect and acceptance for one another in order to secure democracy.

Make sure that power is attained by those who represent truth and professionalism. Mistrust verbal promises and systems of beliefs; rely on experience and rational solutions because they alone can secure continuity and success.