Banff/Rocky Mountains/Canada

October, 1997

I hadn’t known yet how much landscapes can affect the body and the mind, but here in Banff, I experienced it.

I felt the power, the beauty, the kindness of these mountains by just looking at them – through my eyes, my entire bodily feeling was placed in a field of energy which could only stop by my ceasing to look at them.

Being there, between all those mountains of the National Park, and still having the space of the plains in between – enough space, as I felt – I was in a state of happiness. I did not even mind the cold, as the sun was shining on us. And such a wonderful, blue sky, with the clouds looking as though they were painted.

So many tourists! All year round. From all over the world. Everything is prepared for them. Hotels with 1,000 rooms are waiting at the intersections. Luxurious hotels. Everything tourists might desire has been developed to welcome them adequately – young and old, rich and poor. In order to be one with nature, alone and in dialogue, one has to seek one’s own ways and take one’s time.

Not to forget Lake Louise: its miraculous turquoise color and the mild and mellow feeling of being there.

And then there are the Radium Hot Springs which made my skin tickle and feel soft for hours and made my body thirsty as it had never been before.

Hospitality, food and comfort are just perfect, so you can go there without hesitation.