When do I want to die? If my feeling of life seems unbearable. When do I kill myself? If life is more painful than killing. What enables me to kill others? Closing my heart. When do I close my heart? When the pain is too … weiterlesen

Attac on Irak?

It’s not a new idea to attack a land to liberate it. Napoleon was famous for it. But this isn’t President Bush’s primary reason. His primary reason is to provide safety and security for his country and the world. But will a war against Iraq … weiterlesen

This War

The study of Psychology and Social Psychology taught me that when trying to make peace, while it may occur that people respond to the injustice they have experienced with retaliation, the force of this retaliation and the pain it involves should be at least a … weiterlesen


For as long as anyone can remember, the instrument of exclusion has been used to define who belongs and who does not. It was also a common mechanism for establishing an identity to attach negative connotations to other people and their views by excluding them. … weiterlesen