Bad Sulza

11th April 2008 in Bad Sulza 11th April 2008 in Bad Sulza From 1940 to 1945, the headquarters of the German Stalag IX C prisoner-of-war camp was located in Bad Sulza. From here the Wehrmacht were in charge of up to 50,000 prisoners of war … weiterlesen

North America

North America before contact with Europe Indian settlements have a tradition reaching back 12,000 years with systematic land cultivation beginning around 3,500 years ago. Towards the end of the 15th Century more than 600 different peoples could be counted across North America and what is … weiterlesen

Misuse of Power

Unhinging the World How terrible when the powerful break the law, unhinging the world, spreading fear and terror as laws no longer apply. How dangerous when the powerful believe that the law can be broken thus devaluing law. How unspeakable when the powerful order laws … weiterlesen

11. September

The time shift Relaxation opposes the intense experience of September 11th: war People, who are defending themselves cannot relax. They need tension in order to be able to defend themselves whenever they will be attacked no softness but hardness no flowing but motionless watching out … weiterlesen

The End of War

Ensure that weapons are only carried and used by those with the adequate personal, legal and technical training which enables them to handle them with due responsibility – throughout the world without exception. Let us initiate dialogues between conflicting parties. There are various techniques at … weiterlesen