The End of War

  1. Ensure that weapons are only carried and used by those with the adequate personal, legal and technical training which enables them to handle them with due responsibility – throughout the world without exception.
  2. Let us initiate dialogues between conflicting parties. There are various techniques at our disposal. The Native American Navajo call their techniques ›Peace Talks‹ and have been offering them to the United Nations for many years. However, one has to have the power to bring or force conflicting parties to dialogue.
  3. The party that feels hatred must be forced towards introspection and to use the energy that would otherwise flow into hatred for self-knowledge and work on its own consciousness.
  4. Let us force parties to take up each other’s position for a while to see things from the other point of view. This will put an end to self-righteous conviction.
  5. In the long term, an end should be put to special rights determined by blood or nation. To begin with, it should be everyone’s duty to practice loving an unknown person once a day as one would love oneself.
  6. Let the many different gods coexists next to each other, also goddesses.
  7. Let us prepare the path to happiness for all. Let us create a desire for happiness everywhere, as this is the end of murder and war.