New York, February 17th 2003

Here as I write, the USA is in the middle of preparing for a war. In Germany we find reasons such as world domination or control of oil to explain this, but, and this can only be seen from within, it is also a political … weiterlesen

Bad Sulza

11th April 2008 in Bad Sulza 11th April 2008 in Bad Sulza From 1940 to 1945, the headquarters of the German Stalag IX C prisoner-of-war camp was located in Bad Sulza. From here the Wehrmacht were in charge of up to 50,000 prisoners of war … weiterlesen

North America

North America before contact with Europe Indian settlements have a tradition reaching back 12,000 years with systematic land cultivation beginning around 3,500 years ago. Towards the end of the 15th Century more than 600 different peoples could be counted across North America and what is … weiterlesen