12/2011 – 01/2012 Visiting Cuba means visiting a challenge. You will have to question yourself about the value of safety, security, and social harmony on the one hand hand, together with good health care, good education, and the absence of starvation and extreme poverty, compared … weiterlesen


May 23rd, 1996 My dear Jocelyne! It was such a long time ago that you inspired me to write down my experiences in foreign countries, and I have been trying to do it ever since. Nonetheless, it is only now that I really can see … weiterlesen


Atlanta is known as »The Green City«. Except for its centre, due to a severe fire during the last century, it is new and modern, with extraordinary an extraordinary number of skyscrapers right next to each other. Atlanta’s being a green city is very impressive, … weiterlesen


My first visit to Arizona was in April, 1997. I did not know much about Arizona. I looked it up on the map and saw that it is west of New Mexico – way down south. And my friends told me something about a desert, … weiterlesen

About War

To master the energy of war you need to love it.