Orgasm now available in German language

Linda Troeller’s and Marion Schneider’s “Orgasm: Photographs and Interviews” is now available in German language, entitled “Orgasmus: Interviews und Fotografien”. The German publisher Konkursbuch Verlag Claudia Gehrke created a carefully translated work of art that captures the original’s soul in a natural manner. The book … weiterlesen


Every single human being has a mother and a father. This is something that connects all of us to each other – as well as the fact that all humans come from one single source, if we follow the generations back to the origins of … weiterlesen

My new show on Salve.TV-Weltkanal

The local TV broadcasting station Salve.TV has broadened its vision and established a Weltkanal (world channel). Under the patronage of Dagmar Berghoff, whom many of us remember as ARD news anchor, the new channel ascended into the heaven in front of the old-established Resident Café … weiterlesen