If you want to see what a multicultural society means in everyday life, visit Marrakech. Here, a sense of tolerance and brother- and sisterhood between different groups and races and even visitors to the country has developed which is both convincing and smashing. I have not yet met with any aggression, but only politeness. I have not experienced anybody’s disregard for my personal borders or anybody’s stepping on my toes; instead, I have always encountered respect.

Three to five different groups live together in Morocco. The main groups are the Berbers, the Nomads, and the Arabs. The fourth group is the Jews, and the fifth is the Europeans, mostly French. The first four groups communicate mainly in Arabic. The second language is French, and many Morrocans also speak English, even German.

The newest attraction is the TV channel called MBC for all of the Arab countries. This will strengthen the Arab world and endow it with a greater sense of unity.