Rights of people and peoples of the world

  • All people and peoples should have equal rights
  • Violence as a means of political engagement is excluded, disregard prosecuted
  • The life and all the elements of the earth and the universe will be respected and maintained
  • Military and war are in line of nations gradually abolished. The resulting funds will be released in food, health and ecology of the world invests. Nobody should go hungry.
  • Energy from renewable sources (solar, wind and water) obtained. Natural resources (minerals, timber, plants and animals) will be used only so far as the earth balances are maintained. The last intact natural areas such as international, are equal commitment of all the peoples of the world and unconditionally protected.

All people of the world have the following rights:

  • Education for self-reliance, peace, respect and love
  • equal participation in community life and social and cultural life
  • freedom of expression with the exception of the pleas for violence
  • literacy and basic knowledge of English
  • Basic knowledge in history, geography and culture of life, earth and universe
  • Religious, spiritual, cultural and ethnic freedom and a distinct geographical, social and, if necessary, political and ethno-national habitat (home) to where they need it.

All people of the world have the following obligations:

  • Duty to non-violence in word and deed
  • Continuous duty exception and responsibility towards nature, man and animal
  • duty to help and humanity
  • obligation to contribute to economic and social life in their own ways
  • duty of fairness and respect for others regardless of their appearance,
  • Duty to care for future generations